Starting Your Business

Are you starting your business in Manvel, Texas?

Here are some sites that may be of assistance to you. The Manvel Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is here to assist you in providing as many resource tools as possible to help you during the developmental stages of your task.

Cities and counties in Texas have authority under Chapter 380 and 381, respectively, of the Texas Local Government Code to provide “grants and loans for economic development.”  Manvel is no exception.  We are also able to work closely with our State and Federal government officials to take advantage of a number of supporting programs.  Please follow the link below to access in-depth information in regards to the numerous State of Texas incentives/programs supporting economic development

The best advise we can give is “thought process.” We can support you through the thought process with your start-up business and/or your expansion project by providing the following resource links below.

Doing Business In Texas Guide